Facebook for Boosting Employee Morale, and Attracting Quality Applicants

Facebook isn’t just for the Millennial generation (1984-2004) to connect with thousands of their closest friends to reminisce about 5 minutes ago, and it isn’t just for Generation X (1965-1984) to share recipes and brag about their children. You may think you know Facebook, but if you own a business and you aren’t using the power of Facebook, you may want to read further.

Try to wrap your head around this! Last year Facebook generated revenues of $12.5 billion. Yes, that is correct, $12.5 billion. That dollar figure is nearly 60% more than it was the previous year, and you can read more about that here http://qz.com. The point, Facebook is very popular with 1.4 billion users, and if you aren’t using it for business yet, then it’s time to jump on the band-wagon, or the Facebook-wagon. Okay, well, they don’t really have a wagon, but you get the idea.

How can Facebook help your business? Good question, let’s start with happy, loyal employees. Your business will find the best success when your employees genuinely care about your brand, your company and their fellow employees; it’s important to boost morale with every opportunity possible.

The Business Insider has a great article entitled 7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale. “As workplaces undergo dramatic transformations, leaders must learn to manage in an entirely different way. To lift morale, leadership must be flexible and innovative. When employee morale is high, productivity rises. When employee morale is low, it’s hard to retain the best and brightest workers,” says Morgan Norman, founder and CEO of WorkSimple, a social performance management platform.”

After reading the article, you can apply this knowledge on Facebook by creating a private company page for employees to follow. Then provide real-time updates and feedback, as well as incentives and rewards. Give your employees the power to know that their opinions matter and that they can make a difference.

Another priceless tool on your company Facebook page is the ability to create Team Building Events. Just do an online search for your area; you will find places like Team Bonding, High Quality Team Building and team building special events and ideas. All of this information can be easily communicated to your employees through Facebook sparking enthusiasm and inspiration offering: team challenges, business games, and treasure hunts as well as community and environmental cause events. The potential is limitless.

Here is an environmental idea to get your creativity started:

Groups of all types are welcome to join our volunteer events. This is a great opportunity for team building to boost morale, while doing something beneficial for the environment. Your group can plant and care for trees at urban sites, participate in restoration activities in the mountains or get trained to map trees using TreeMapLA. https://www.treepeople.org/volunteer

Take advantage of the many ways you can boost employee morale and attract quality applicants to your company today.

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