Growing Your Brand’s Reputation through Marketing and Social Listening Campaigns

“The history of PR is… a history of a battle for what is reality and
how people will see and understand reality.” — Stewart Ewen

As we enter the 2nd quarter of 2019, it’s clear that social media reporting and reputation management continue to grow in importance. Yet, how does one make an effective campaign for reputation management? Launching effective marketing campaigns ultimately comes down to establishing specific objectives and being consistent with your consumer base.

Establishing Specific Objectives

Before launching a marketing campaign, establishing a clear objective can greatly help the process. As this article by PRNEWS explains, being able to define what it is you are trying to accomplish, and who you are attempting to reach leads to more focused intelligence gathering.[1] Once you have established these things, the writer then suggests that you believe in the value of this intelligence as it will lead to a better understanding of, “where people are coming from, what they feel, what makes them feel that way, and what you can do about it.”[2] This information is often subjective but being aware of it can help in addressing common customer experience issues.

Moreover, as this article by PR Daily explains, mixing this subjective information with “hard data and numbers-based correlations,” leads to a better understanding of two things: what people are saying about your brand and the development of larger trends.[3] This compound of information is a crucial part of both an effective marketing campaign and the maintaining of your brand’s reputation.

Maintaining Consistency Leads to a Better Brand

After establishing specific objectives with strategies to gain intelligence, consistency and the right tools are needed to effectively measure what people think of your brand. The mentioned article by PRNEWS explains that consistently being in tune with your customer base leads to higher engagement and keeps your company from missing potential opportunities.[4]

Using the Best Management & Reporting Tools Matters

Finally, although there are many tools that can be used to track and analyze data, this article by SocialMediaToday provides a list of 11 of the best social media management and reporting tools.[5] When these tools are coupled with the mentioned gathering and implementation of information, launching and sustaining an effective campaign with a positive reputation is much more likely.


With an increased emphasis on the importance of reputation management, launching an effective marketing campaign requires having specific objectives, gathering a mix of subjective and hard data, using tools to measure what people think of your brand, and implementing a consistent way of addressing common customer issues can lead to the steady growth of your brand.


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