St. Conti Communications, Inc. is a marketing communications, public relations and social media relations agency headed by
Donna St. Jean Conti, APR and AAAA, with associates located in Southern California, Nevada, and Florida. Our main offices are located in Orange County, Calif., from which Donna directs her experienced associates in providing programs to corporate and company clients, other public relations agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Donna St. Jean Conti

Team Lead, Media Relations MavenWhen you spend 25+ years providing award-wining, marketing communications expertise, including media relations, for an eclectic mix of technology and service companies, strategy becomes second nature, and you forge a ton of connections. Does Donna know what you need? Yes. Does she have contacts in your markets? Probably.

Melissa Rust

Social Media GuruMelissa is an expert in targeted messaging that rises above the noise. She has created numerous campaigns that increase visibility for client companies, driving exposure and thought leadership for their brands and products.

Lisa Nemec

Program and Content CrafterLisa is a results-driven marketing professional with a 20-year proven track record developing and executing integrated marketing programs to meet business objectives and drive revenue. She has extensive experience developing and executing campaigns for technology and service companies

M. Alex Conti

Researcher & Word WeaverAlex is adept at taking seemingly complex and disparate information and turning it into concise yet conversational content. He is a recent graduate of California State University, Fullerton, where he is working on his Master of Arts in history.

Mike Jobbagy

Researcher & Internet WizardMike has been on the Internet since its infancy. He can craft Websites that exceed expectations and knows all the nooks and crannies to search for those valuable bits of information that clients desire.