“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”– William Blake

As of October 2022, St. Conti Communications celebrated 25 years in business! So, it only makes sense to share our gratitude for all the tremendous clients we have had, our talented team members (past and present) and our ever-appreciated vendors. This occasion presents the perfect opportunity to consider the nature of gratitude and the effect it can have.

When we think of gratitude, the thankful appreciation for tangible or intangible things a person receives, it is often associated with personal relationships. However, I would say that many types of relationships can be deserving of gratitude – including professional relationships.

The Power of Gratitude

According to this article, “Giving thanks can make you happier,” published by the Harvard Medical School’s Harvard health Publishing site, gratitude is strongly and consistently connected to greater happiness as it helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve personal health, deal with adversity, and build strong relations.

What’s more, as this article, “The Business Impact Of Gratitude,” by Eric Mosley, cofounder and CEO of Workhuman, on the Forbes site, further explains, expressing gratitude can not only help individuals feel happier, it can also be good for business. According to Mosely, the act of expressing gratitude makes us vulnerable and authentic, and this is conducive to creating powerful connections. It is easy to see why a more powerful connection with people inside and outside of a company can lead to better business as people generally want to work with those they remember and like. But how can we express genuine gratitude?

How to Express Gratitude

There are many ways to express gratitude and some of the most effective methods often go unnoticed. For instance, Mosley stresses the importance of saying a simple “thank you” to those who have impacted your life in a positive way and giving thanks can be especially impactful in leadership roles, as it gives recognition and sets an example. Another way in which leaders can show appreciation is by looking beyond the big picture and taking notice of lower-profile contributions that may be less tangible. In turn, both articles mention that expressing gratitude can create a more productive and positive workplace.

25 Years of St Conti Communications

So, as St. Conti Communications begins its 26th year of providing public relations services, I want to say, “Thank you,” to the many great clients, team members and service providers with whom St. Conti Communications has worked over the past 25 years. We are indeed the thankful receivers of so much, and we have enjoyed a plentiful harvest. We look forward to the future.

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