Now that most public relations activities are completed digitally, companies tend to overlook or do without media and/or press kits. Some practitioners even go as far as questioning their value. Are media and press kits necessary? Yes, they are still relevant for both online and offline businesses.

More than ever, members of the media are short on time and resources and can use extra help. A well-crafted, thoughtfully prepared media or press kit provides just that. So much so that many companies have either returned to or never stopped the practice of posting an electronic press kit to their websites.

What is a Media or Press Kit?

According to the Ohio State University Pressbooks, press kits or media kits are packages or website pages that contain promotional materials and resources for editors and reporters. They provide detailed information on a company in one convenient location to secure publicity.

That said, there is a simple way to distinguish between the two. A media kit serves a general information need, such as providing company information, whereas a press kit serves a more targeted need. Though they can contain general company information, press kits usually provide materials and information for immediate coverage on a timely event.

Today, such kits can come in many forms as this article by Prowly explains. They can be PDF files or folders on a company website, online newsrooms, or via services like Dropbox and WeTransfer. They can also be displayed on an entire web page and printed press materials. In sum, a media or press kit is a one-stop for all the information an interested party needs.

What Goes into a Kit?

When it comes to modern kits, specificity is key. As the article by Prowly mentions, all press materials featured in a kit should be specific to your company. Individual pieces of collateral that often come in these kits include: company details with a description, logo, and relevant fact or numbers sheets, biographic information of key executives or subject matter experts along with headshots, examples of what your company covers, awards and recognition, and contact information. To make the page and your company stand out further, this article by CustomerThink suggests adding customer testimonials and interesting facts.


Although they might seem like outdated or never-used information dumps, press and media kits are still viable ways to get a company’s name out there. These kits provide members of the media a quick and easy way to help your company gain more publicity. With all the necessary materials a client could need in one convenient location, press and media kits greatly aid companies in reaching a wider audience and landing new business opportunities.

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